Aluminium is the most widely used non ferrous metal in the world. It has excellent corrosion resistance and machinability. It is an excellent thermal and electrical conductor.

We hold a range of extrusions including:

Flat Bar from 12x3mm up to 356x101mm
Round Bar from 6.35mm up to 216mm
Square Bar From 9.53mm up to 101.60mm
Plate Grade 5083 and 6061 T6511 up to 100mm thick. This can be cut to size.
Sheet in 5005 and 5052. This can be supplied cut to size.

We can supply your own shapes through either one of the extrusion mills in New Zealand and throughout the world.

We also supply continuous anodised aluminium coil in various colours available on an indent basis.

Please contact our team for a quote.

Aluminium 7075 T651

Tooling Plate from 15.88mm thick through to 76.10mm thick.