We source brass from world leading ISO9001 accredited mills from around the world to guarantee consistent quality and service.

Our brass is available in a large range of sizes and extrusions to ensure you have the right material for the job.

Available in coil, sheet and shim as well as the following bar:

Free Machining ( Grade 385)

Round 3.18mm up to 101.60
Hexagon 4.76mm up to 63.50mm
Square 3.18mm up to 50.80mm
Flat 12.70x3.18 up to 76.20x19.05mm'
Half Round 12.70 wide up to 25.40mm wide.

We offer advice and options for specific dies and can arrange new dies to suit customer requirements.

We also hold certain sizes in Dezincification Resistant Brass (Grade 352) and Lead Free Naval Brass ( Grade 464 )

Other materials available on indent

If you have any questions or would like to request a quote, please feel free to contact us.