Other materials available on indent.

Brass Rods & Sheets

We source brass from world leading ISO9001 accredited mills from around the world to guarantee consistent quality and service.

Our brass is available in a large range of sizes and extrusions to ensure you have the right material for the job.

  • Free Machining ( Grade 385) Bar
  • Round 3.18mm up to 152.40mm
  • Hexagon 4.76mm up to 44.45mm
  • Square 3.18mm up to 50.80mm
  • Flat 12.70×3.18 up to 76.20×25.40mm ( Grade 380 only )
  • Half Round 12.70 wide up to 25.40mm wide. ( Grade 380 only )

We can also source Grade 352 from Australia

  • Brass Sheet ( Size 900x1800mm )
  • From 0.80mm up to 6.0mm
  • Brass Plate – 10mm thick