Copper Rounds and Sheets

We specialise in high conductivity, oxygen free, high purity copper for common electrical uses (OF-OKTM). Our copper’s high purity provides you with electrical conductivity of at least 98% IACS with a typical oxygen content of 8ppm.

The most important property of our copper is its purity and freedom from oxygen. In addition, it’s great electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent weldability, brasability and solderability and good impact and fatigue strength guarantees you have a high quality-end product time after time.

Available in Coil, Sheet and shim as well as the following bar sizes:

  • Flat 12.70mm x 3.18mm up to 100mm x 10mm
  • Round 3.18mm up to 50.80mm
  • Square 10mm up to 50.80mm

Larger sizes are available on indent. We can also source free machining bar ( Grade 147) on an indent basis.